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KDX BOPP Thermal laminating film




These thermal laminating films are manufactured with High-Clarity Polypropylene base films and low melt temperature copolymer adhesives.


Available Finishes are High Gloss and Non-Reflective Matte: BOPP Gloss (1.2 mil) has an excellent high gloss finish to enhance and protect colors. BOPP High Gloss has the highest gloss level of thermal films, allowing your print to "POP" with color. Available also is a 2T Premium Gloss (1.2 mil)with 2 sided corona treatment for post lamination decorating and gluing. Our BOPP thermal film is also available in 3 distinctive Matte finishes; Premium Matte (1.3 mil) is a filled Matte product that has a non-reflective Matte finish to enhance and protect colors. It is two side corona treated to accept Spot UV Coating, Foil Stamping and Gluing. Our Premium Anti-Scuff Matte (1.4 mil) has an abrasion resistant non-reflective Matte surface with excellent scuff resistance. It is chemically treated for post lamination decorating and gluing. Our newest Matte BOPP is Premium Silky Matte with a luxurious feel similar to cloth materials like velvet or silk. This product is chemically treated for post decorating and gluing.  


Applications include: Paper Boxes, Case-bound books/Covers, Binders, Book Jackets, Literature, Menus, Gift Bags, and many other packaging requirements.


MSDS and FDA compliance information available upon request.