Brush Silver Metallized BOPET with a textured stainless steel finish and a hot melt adhesive layer by extrusion coating. Thefinish shows a very distinctive eye catching effect. Typical metalized colors include gold, silver and copper. The film is often used in book covers, luxurious packages, brochures, labels and gift cards.

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Laminating Film

● Brush metallized finish look like stainless steel

● Excellent resistance to tear & elongation
● Suitable UV spot varnishing, foil stamping

Application Technology

Premium Brushed Silver

Laminating Equipment

ReadyLam Laminating Film

Window Film

Technical Data


Laminating Equipment : thermal laminating machine

Temperature : 110-130℃

Pressure : >3MPa

Speed : 10-40m/min

Adjust the processing parameter according to the production job requirement.