Laminating Equipment

● Excellent matte finish,fine and uniform

● Accept UV spot varnishing and foil stamping
● Patent adhesive layer for higher peel strength with the ink

● Perfect scratch resistance performance
● Can start laminate 1h after printing

Technical Data

Window Film

The Anti-scuff Matte NY thermal film is a super anti scuff BOPA based product with an excellent matte surface and a hot melt adhesive layer by extrusion coating, both side is corona treated. The matte finish creates a luxurious appearance to attract the buyers’ attention and increase the perceived value of the product. The product has excellent resistance to tear & elongation, primarily used in the printing industry. The film accepts UV spot varnishing, foil stamping as well as screen printing.
The adhesive is designed especially for improving the bonding with the digital printing paper. Compared to the ordinary thermal laminating film, peel strength greatly improved, and have a better grasping ink effect.

ReadyLam Laminating Film

Application Technology

Premium AllStick Anti-Curl Anti-Scuff Nylon

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Laminating Equipment : thermal laminating machine

Temperature : 95-120℃

Pressure : 8-18MPa

Speed : ≤20m/min

Adjust the processing parameter according to the production job requirement.

​Laminating Tips: Ink drying time can affect bonds. Please allow at least 1 hour of drying time prior to laminating. Otherwise, it may cause bonding failure.

Laminating Film