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Laminating Film

Laminating Equipment

It is a metalized BOPET based laminating film that one side laminated with LDPE and the other side laminated with thermal active polymer.
The metalized BOPET base film is plasma treated to enhance aluminum adhesion and barrier properties. The final product has Excellent slip properties, and with excellent machinability on high speed machines.
The thermal active polymer is designed especially for improving the bonding with HP Indigo digital printing jobs. Compared to the ordinary BOPET ReadyLam laminating film, the peel strength is greatly improved, and have a better grasping ink effect.
The film primarily used in printing and flexible packaging industry, and especially used in conjunction with output of HP Indigo 20000/6800 etc. digital press for pack ready technology in flexible packaging market by end to end solution.

ReadyLam Laminating Film

Metalized BOPET Composites PE ReadyLam

Laminating Equipment : thermal laminating machine

Temperature : 90-130℃

Pressure : 8-18MPa

Speed : 10-70m/min

Adjust the processing parameter according to the production job requirement.

● Excellent performance: Good aluminum adhesion and barrier properties, excellent slip and antistatic properties, strong adhesive force with digital printing jobs, effectively prevent the printing foaming and stripping after the die-cutting bump.

● High efficiency: No need of drying and curing after laminating, immediate time to market.
● Energy-saving: Laminating temperature is lower than other thermal film, improve efficiency, save cost.

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