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What are typical starting temperatures for laminating with KDX thermal laminating films?


The typical thermal adhesive will give good adhesion to lith-offset print at temperatures of 205 to 230*F (96 to 110*C). There are many factors in the laminating machine that have to be considered. Higher laminating speeds call for higher temperatures as there are thermal conductivity factors that have to consider. We are talking about the temperature necessary in the adhesive layer to it to adhere to the print and not the temperature of the roll in contact with the base film. At slow speeds a good wrap of the heated laminating roll (270* of wrap), the temperature setting on the laminating roll will be as above, but laminating thicker films and higher speeds will increase these temperature settings to obtain these temperatures in the thermal adhesive layer. OPP films, the most thermally sensitive films used in laminating have laminations as they can distort if too hot. PET and Nylon base films are more thermally stable and will allow higher temperatures of the laminating nip roll for higher operating speeds.