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all stick PET thermal laminating film



The All Stick PET thermal film both Gloss and Matte have been specially engineered to provide superior adhesion performances on digitally printed outputs. This All Stick adhesive is engineered to create a chemical bond that enables lamination immediately after printing. The lamination process remains simple, energy efficient and eco-friendly. The product does not produce harmful gases or dangerous substances during its application.


Applied Range:

KDX recommends All Stick PET film for use on electro-photographic output from most digital presses and printers such as Xerox IGEN3, Xerox C800, Konica, Canon, and Hewlett-Packard. All Stick PET films exhibit extremely good bonding characteristics with silicone oil, high wax contents inks and dry toners with fuser oil.


Product Structure:

Substrate: PET                               Adhesive Layer: Special Formula




Book Covers, Postcards, Mailers, Flyers, Inserts and other digital materials requiring post print enhancement.