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all stick anti-curl nylon



Our All Stick Anti-Curl Nylon film has been specially engineered to provide superior adhesion performances on digitally printed outputs. This All Stick adhesive is engineered to create a chemical bond that enables lamination immediately after printing. The lamination process remains simple, energy efficient and eco-friendly. The product does not produce harmful gases or dangerous substances during its application.


Applied Range:

KDX recommends All Stick Anti-Curl Nylon film for use on electro-photographic output from most digital presses and printers such as Xerox IGEN3, Xerox C800, Konica, Canon, and Hewlett-Packard.

ALL STICK Anti-Curl Nylon film exhibits extremely good bonding characteristics with silicone oil, high wax contact inks and dry toners with fuser oil.


Product Structure:

Substrate: Nylon                            Adhesive Layer: Special Formula



Book Covers, Book Jackets, Postcards, Mailers, Flyers, Inserts and any other material requiring post print enhancements.


Licensed under U.S. Patent No. 5,626,969