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Can we use an aqueous coating on the ink?


It is a good practice to avoid the use of aqueous coatings on jobs designated for laminating.


Aqueous coatings are good in the printing process to help prevent offset of print between sheets of a print job. There are some problems to be concerned about when laminating. While print offset, the transfer of ink the backside of the paper, has been prevented, the print under to coating is still uncured. The thermal adhesive will stick to the coating, but the coating is not really stuck to the ink until after the ink has fully oxidized. Now that there is a coating on the ink, the time for the ink to cure by oxidation is now longer.


Some aqueous coatings are formulated with slip additives to help in handling the sheets. Since these coatings are meant to be the final surface, the slip additives will prevent the full adhesion of the thermal adhesive. There are coatings formulated as primers for laminating, but the basic print vehicle needs to be cured for good adhesion which means a longer time until laminating.